The Smart Chip Tray


Introducing the latest in gaming technology. The Smart Chip Tray. 


The Smart Chip Tray is a Patented Gaming Chip Tray which allows Casinos keep constant track of the tray count in Real-Time and to immediately spot potential cheating while seeing how a table is doing with winnings or loses. This allows the casino to immediately react to unusual activities located at any table where the Smart Chip Tray is in use and respond quickly to determine the problem before large losses are incurred. 

The Smart Chip Tray does not require special chips and can be programmed for any existing casino chip. 


Here's how it works.

The tray contains measuring devices within each tube inside the tray which carry an individually programmed monetary value. 


As chips are added or removed, the Smart Chip Tray calculates the quantity of the chips within the tube inside the float tray and immediately adds or removes the total value of all the chips within the float tray in real-time. This also eliminates the need to stop the table for tray counts allowing non-stop play. 


 The Smart Chip Tray has an optional patent-pending manual drop box counter that calculates the value of the drop box total. As cash is added into the box, the dealer presses the corresponding button for the denomination received. The box value indicator goes up and the amount is reflected in the total tray count. As the chips go out to the purchasing player, the amount is subtracted and the tray is balanced between the drop box and the chip tray count.  


While hidden from the players, this information can be designed to viewed at the source of an individual table, at a pit boss station or monitored by security offices. Or even linked together with other tables showing a constant stream of data from each table, section of the casino and even linking several casinos all at once.

The Smart Tray can be programmed to identify any activity outside of what is considered average and normal. If the table suddenly begins losing money outside of normal activity, the system will then alert security management to allow them to quickly determine if there is a possibility of cheating taking place. This way they can immediately respond to the problem preventing further losses. 

This advanced technology gives casinos the ability to constantly monitor gaming activity in real-time and even Automate the Fill process. If the tray gets low, the software can alert the cage that a fill is needed at a particular table saving many man hours of manual monitoring and labor. 

The backend software can be programmed to provide many unique cost-cutting labor expenses and increasing security and game play. 

The Smart Chip Tray. 

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